Frequently Asked Questions

● Why do I need to backup GPS data?

If your GPS waypoints or routes are deleted, inadvertently changed or the GPS data is corrupted because of a hardware failure or user error, a backup enables you to recover the waypoints and routes.

If you get a new GPS and want to transfer your existing waypoint and routes, a backup allows you to do this easily. You may also have more than one GPS and need to keep the same data on each one. With iGPS, you can transfer waypoints and routes between different Garmin GPS models.

● I already use software that can transfer waypoints and routes to my GPS. Why do I need backup software?

Backing up your GPS data and transferring waypoints or routes are not the same thing.

A waypoint or route record in your Garmin GPS contains a lot of additional data other than just latitude, longitude and a symbol. This additional data is required for the proper functioning of the GPS but usually is not displayed on the GPS screen nor by mapping software. iGPS restores the waypoint and route data to its original state.RoadTrip only works with Garmin GPS models that have a USB interface. 

● Can't I use Garmin's RoadTrip software to backup and restore?

RoadTrip only works with Garmin GPS models that have a USB interface. 

RoadTrip does not work with Garmin GPS units that only use a serial interface. This means that many marine chart plotters, aviation devices, hand-held GPS units and other Garmin models are not supported.

● Would it be better if I just replaced my serial interface GPS with a newer USB model?

That depends upon your needs and how much you want to spend. If you are a casual or recreational user of GPS, then that may be an option. On the other hand, many marine vessels, aircraft and other serious navigation applications use NMEA to share GPS data with auto-pilots, radars and other instruments. NMEA requires a serial interface GPS.

● When will iGPS support Garmin USB models?

Garmin has not released OS X USB drivers for their USB GPS models which means that there is no reliable method for anyone other than Garmin to communicate with these devices. From the beginning, iGPS was designed for marine, aviation and other professional navigation uses where data integrity and reliability are critical. USB support will be implemented in iGPS when Garmin releases the necessary technical specifications.

● Why can't I just use some of the free software that claims to work with Garmin USB models?

You can if you feel comfortable with the reliability of this type of software. A good way to evaluate software is to look at the version release notes which will provide a good idea of existing issues and bugs that have been fixed. If the software has had a lot of serious bug fixes then chances are that it was not very well designed nor tested in the first place.

The free software may be just fine if you use a GPS to locate a restaurant, an address or geo-cache. It may be inconvenient but not that serious if there is a problem with the software. On the other hand, entrusting the safety of people, boats, airplanes and other equipment to this type of software may not be prudent.

● Why doesn't iGPS work with charts, maps and Google Earth?

Basically, because this is not the purpose for which iGPS was designed. iGPS is for backing up and restoring your existing GPS data and mapping software is used to initially create the waypoints and routes.