iGPS release notes

2.4.0    Updated menu bar with new website.

            Enhanced software update performance.

            Eliminated potential http security vulnerability.

            Revised window background graphics.

            Updated EULA & User Manual.

2.3.0    Changed OS X requirement to Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later.

            Changed hardware requirement to Intel processor only.

            Removed Universal PPC support.

            Improved Export menubar function.

            Added Send Button deactivation capability.

            Updated User Manual.

            Revised application icon.

2.2.5    Updated eSellerate engine for optimal performance.

            Added Applications folder alias to installation procedure.

            Changed system requirement to Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.

            Updated License Agreement and User Manual.

2.2.4    Optimized iGPS internal operations for Snow Leopard.

            Updated and revised User Manual.

2.2.3    Changed size of text box to enable entry of a licensed user name of up to 30 characters.

2.2.2    Changed iGPS Preferences file name.

            Changed Check for Update URL.

            Updated the User Manual to document changed uninstallation procedure.

2.2.1    Fixed an issue with an invalid packet error message being displayed with Garmin StreetPilot models.

2.2.0    Added capability to export waypoints and routes in GPX format.

            Enhanced iGPS Preferences to allow selection of latitude and longitude display formats.

            Fixed an issue with the recent file menu if a file name was longer than 31 characters.

            Fixed an issue with the recent file menu if a file name contained an ampersand (&).

            Updated the User Manual to document exporting to GPX files and iGPS Preferences changes.

2.1.0    Added ability to convert waypoints and routes so that they can be restored to a different GPS model.

            Improved Check for Update to better validate received version data.

            Fixed an issue with the file save menu being disabled after canceling a file save.

            Fixed an issue with the recent file menu sequence if a file was opened before saving the current file.

            Updated User Manual to document the ability to restore to different GPS models.

2.0.0    Initial release.